A Tool to Measure the Effectiveness of Urban Interventions


OpenDataCam is an accessible, affordable and transparent solution that enables everyone to quantify movements in urban environments. Beside many different kinds of applications, it can be used to measure the effectiveness of interventions in urban environments.

Technically, the tool uses computer vision to quantify and track moving objects. Thereby, it never records any photo or video data and processes everything locally. It features a friendly user interface and is fully documented as an open source project to underline transparency and full disclosure on privacy questions.

This site documents the design of its visual identity and user interface as well as strategic considerations.

Visual identity inspired by the bounding boxes of object detection
User interface with main functions such as counting objects and visualizing movements
Strategic considerations to use the tool for urban transformation processes



Markus Kreutzer


Benedikt GroƟ


Thibault Durand


moovel lab